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About Us


Hornbill Precision & Technical Services Sdn. Bhd

are committed to providing our clients with the utmost in safe, reliable project delivery. Our goal is to always go above and beyond, exceeding expectations and delivering tangible value to our clients' operations at every touch point.


Our business is empowered by a fully committed management team which brings in their respective knowledge, experience and expertise, enabling us to excel further. Plus our initial team has been continuously integrated with young and talented engineers and the resulting structure is a dynamic organization with a full and friendly command of the new engineering technologies and working methods.

Personalized Approach


Excellence and Professionalism

• Onshore & Offshore EPC Projects
• Brownfield Development Engineering Specialist
• Technology Solutions
• Process Modules
• Skid Packages


Hornbill Precision & Technical Services Sdn. Bhd success is the consistently high quality of our products and services. That’s why we take our responsibility to maintain our position at the latest technology so seriously, continually assessing, implementing and monitoring new services and systems.


Hornbill Precision & Technical Services Sdn. Bhd is committed to the systematic provision and implementation of stringent HSE procedures. Because of the nature of our industry, employees will often be required to work in adverse conditions and across diverse geographies. Their protection is our priority. We pride ourselves on our continual pursuit of HSE improvement and training. We not only want to encourage staff steadfastly adhere to the relevant polices, but also to engage in processes of improvement and empowerment within the system

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